186/187 Visa Changes Summary

Recent changes to the 186 and 187 visa have been confusing and alarming to say the least. It not only caught the general public by surprise but even professional in this industry were not aware of these changes.

Therefore, we have released a guide to help simplify and provide an overview of the most recent changes. Here is a chronology of the changes yet to come:

From 1 July 2017

  • Occupation lists will be further reviewed.
  • IELTS score of 6 in each component required (or equivalent test).
  • Currently the 186 and 187 visa have two streams Direct Entry (DE) and Temporary Resident Transition (TRT). The maximum age for DE is 45, whereas a maximum age of 50 still applies to TRT applicants.

Before 31 December 2017

  • Immigration will collect Tax File Numbers of visa holders for data matching.
  • Immigration will publish details of sanctioned sponsors.

From March 2018

  • MLTSSL occupation list will now apply, with additional occupations available to support regional employers for the RSMS.
  • Employers must pay the Australian market salary rate and meet minimum wage threshold of $53,900.
  • Permanent Residency eligibility period will be extended from two years to three years.
  • ALL applicants must be under the maximum age of 45 at the time of application.