A South Australia new visa for seed-stage entrepreneurs

South Australia announced a new visa, The Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) Visa. The visa is for seed-stage entrepreneurs and is valid until November 2021, also, it can be extended to immediate family members. There is no investment capital or additional work permit required.

Here is the application process:

1. Receive support for your application from one of these service providers:

  • CO-HAB – co-hab.com.au
  • The Moonshine Laboratory – moonshinelab.com.au
  • Innovation & Collaboration Centre – icc.unisa.edu.au
  • New Venture Institute – nviflinders.com.au
  • ThincLab – adelaide.edu.au/thinclab

2. Apply for endorsement from the South Australian Government

3. If endorsed, apply for the visa from the Australian Government (Department of Home Affairs)


The information above is to be taken as general in nature and advice specific to your situation should be done in consultation with a registered migration agent.
Sources: https://migration.sa.gov.au/upload/publications/State%20nomination%20migration/Entrepreneurs-Visa-Brochure.pdf
For more information, please check https://www.migration.sa.gov.au/entrepreneur