ACT’s 190 Nomination Program Update

ACT’s 190 Nomination Program Update:

• The program reopens on Thursday 29 November 2018

• The ACT Government’s current system will go OFF LINE on Tuesday 27 November 2018

-Any existing ACT Government application commenced which has not been lodged and unpaid on 27 November 2018 will disappear from the system and will not be accessed.

– Any lodged and paid applications lodged before Tuesday 27 November will be assessed and finalised under the existing guidelines.

• The ACT is reopening its 190 program with about 500 available places for the remainder of 2018-19 Financial Year

• The Canberra Matrix is benefit to Canberra based and not first in

The Process

• Intending applicants will be required to express their interest by completing the Canberra Matrix

– No documents are required to be lodged with the Canberra Matrix

– There is no application fee for completing and submitting the Canberra Matrix

– The ACT Government reserves the right to use other levers to select applicants based on economic benefit to Canberra

• The Canberra Matrix points are frozen upon submission and cannot be updated

• A Canberra Matrix will remain valid for 6 months

• The matrix scoring for Canberra residents has 12 factors

  1. Length of residence in Canberra
  2. English language proficiency
  3. Spouse / partner English language proficiency
  4. Nominated occupation (open or closed)
  5. Length of current employment in Canberra (not tied to nominated occupation)
  6. ACT employment type
  7. Spouse / Partner employment in Canberra
  8. Education (can be in Canberra, interstate or overseas)
  9. Canberra education
  10. Grandfathering of applicants who arrived to live in Canberra on or before 29 June 2018)
  11. Assets in Canberra (personal or business and unencumbered)
  12. Close family ties to Canberra

• The Matrix for overseas residents has essentially the same factors except the grandfathering factor mentioned above

• Intending applicants who live in Canberra and commute to Sydney, for example, for study and/or work, regardless of the time spent in or out of Canberra will not meet the requirements for an invitation

• To meet the Canberra residence requirements, the intending applicant can live in Canberra or live within a 30-minute commute radius of Canberra


This information was first published by Migration Institute of Australia Limited.