Is your ADDRESS correct?

An Irishman living in Perth is pleading to be released from a Northam detention centre after being ‘wrongly’ detained by armed police on Monday over a visa ‘bungle’. This case was first reported by WA Today and highlights the importance of providing immigration with a correct and current postal address.

Bernard Lee, 26, has lived in Perth lawfully for the past seven years.

Bernard Lee has been in a detention centre since Monday.
Bernard Lee has been in a detention centre since Monday.  Photo: Facebook

On Friday, he remained in Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre, after armed police and immigration officers swooped on his Highgate home on Monday night and arrested him.

The authorities claimed Mr Lee had been issued a letter refusing his application for a resident’s visa and cancelling his current business visa, and that he was in breach of the 28-day period to leave the country.



Usually the best way for immigration to contact you is via email, however, if you provide immigration with a few different ways of contacting you, they can use whichever method they choose and ONLY ONE of them. Therefore, if you have moved houses recently you can use Form 929 to notify immigration of your new address. Simply fill it out and return it via email to your Case Officer or at your nearest immigration office. Remember, always retain the original copy as proof.