More occupations in the Northern Territory

The government in the Northern Territory have added 63 new occupations to their Northern Territory Migration Occupation List. The NT government is showing a real initiative to welcome skilled migrants to live and work with the promise of infrastructure upgrades.

If your skilled occupation is not on the NT Migration Occupation List but is on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) you may still apply for NT Government nomination however, you must provide evidence of positive employment prospects in the NT.

International graduates who have not completed at least two years of study in the NT or are holders of Subclass 485 visas who completed their studies in another Australian state will be:

  • required to demonstrate that they have lived and worked in the NT in their skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation for no less than three months prior to applying for nomination; and
  • considered for nomination for the Skilled Regional Nominated (Subclass 489) visa if they can demonstrate close ties to the NT.

Eligible graduates who have undertaken at least two years of tertiary studies leading to one or more qualifications in the NT will be eligible to apply for nomination for the Skilled Regional Nominated (Subclass 489) visa and Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) visa.

The list of Occupations can be viewed here.

Northern Territory (Source: Google Maps)
Northern Territory (Source: Google Maps)