New Student Visa Explained

The student visa system was simplified from 8 different subclasses to 2. After reviewing the new Subclass 500 Student visa, it does appear to be much simpler and there are no streams to differentiate a primary school student from a university student. This means the Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment becomes quite important.

Summarized below are the new changes:

  1. The two new student visas are Subclass 500 Student and Subclass 590 Student Guardian;
  2. There is now an English language requirement. The minimum score is an overall 5.5 IELTS or other English language test equivalent. This score can be decreased to 4.5 if you combined it with 20 weeks of ELICOS;
  3. The applicant must be 6 years or older;
  4. There are maximum age limits for students enrolling in Year 9-12;
  5. The dollar value of Financial proof of sufficient funds has increased along with the types of evidence required;
  6. Immigration fees are currently $550 for the main applicant.

If you are looking to study in Australia and don’t know which State or School to apply to, Affinity Migration can assist you with your visa application, locating a quality school and arranging suitable accommodation.

Knox Grammar Private Boys School (Source:Knox)
Knox Grammar Private Boys School (Source:Knox)