Subclass 403 Temporary Work International Relations Visa eligibility criteria Extended

Australian Government is taking the initiative to strengthen the relationship with our Pacific Island neighbours.  An arrangement to commence on 1 July will extend eligibility criteria for subclass 403 visa (Temporary Work International Relations).

At present, Subclass 403 visa allows applicants to come to Australia on a temporary basis:

  • in relation to a bilateral agreement (Government Agreement stream);
  • to represent a foreign government or to teach a foreign language in an Australian school (Foreign Government Agency stream);
  • to do domestic work for a diplomat (Domestic Worker stream);
  • as a person with statutory privileges and immunities (Privileges and Immunities stream); or
  • to participate in the program of seasonal work (Seasonal Worker Program stream)

To qualify for this visa, an applicant will need to meet various criteria depending on the chosen stream:

  • be engaged under a relevant bilateral agreement (Government Agreement stream);
  • represent a foreign government agency or be employed as a foreign language teacher by a foreign government (Foreign Government Agency stream);
  • be a resident of the Pacific Islands (Seasonal Worker Program stream);
  • meet additional requirements of the relevant stream


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