Want your $10,000 AoS back sooner?

For those lodging a parent visa or any other visa requiring the lodgement of a bond, the Assurance of Support (AoS) is quite common. It usually starts at just over $5,000 but most will agree that its is on average $10,000.

For parent visas, the $10,000 bond could be locked away for 10 years before it can be refunded. However, there is an EXCEPTION!

For cases finalised before 1 July 2004, only Centrelink has the authority to release an AoS bond where the visa has been cancelled and the visa holder has not arrived in Australia. Centrelink cannot release a bond in situations where a person changes from one visa type to another (unless the new visa is a humanitarian visa) or ceases to hold the visa due to obtaining Australian citizenship, as these do not affect the continuation of the AoS period.

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