Applying for a Partner Visa? Choose Australia!

A Partner Visa in 2016 comes with a $6,865 application fee and yet this has not prevented tens of thousands from applying for a visa to come to Australia to live with their partners. Approximately 131,218 partner visa applications were lodged over 2 years.

Official figures provided by the Immigration Department show of 56,943 applications lodged in 2014/15, 45,415 were granted
                                                            Success rate of Partner Visas (source: DIBP)

The success rate of Partner visas as a whole is approximately 78%, which is quite a high success rate. Why isn’t it 100%? This is because unfortunately some relationships do break down during the course of the application and there are also non-genuine relationships too.

Top ten countries in order: China, India, UK, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan
                                                   Countries lodging the most Partner Visas (Source: DIBP)

Countries responsible for the majority of the Partner Visa applications are shown in the diagram above. It perhaps comes as no surprise that 7 out of the 9 countries have a very family oriented culture, which means spouses are willing to pay more to bring their other half to Australia.

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