Code of Conduct for Migration Agents

Code of Conduct from MARA
Code of Conduct from MARA

There is a document called a Code of Conduct for migration agents, which lists an agent’s obligation to their clients. These obligations include:

  • interactions with your clients;
  • fees and charges, record keeping and financial management;
  • responsibilities toward other agents;
  • any employees an agent may have;
  • the requirement for an agent to respond if a complaint is made against them.

As a client, you should see this document prominently displayed in the waiting area of your agent’s office and on their website. The agent should provide you with a hard copy if you request to see it.

Not abiding by the Code of Conduct means an agent could face a fine, suspension or de-registration.

The Code of Conduct can be found here.

Later posts will detail how to seek remedies towards an agent who has breached the Code of Conduct.